Coming Soon…

Since I overhauled my whole online presence to match and replicate each other – Twitter, tumblr, Portfolio Site etc (all of which you can go to by following the menu at the top there) I realise it’s become quite formal. I haven’t anywhere to dump silly ideas and notions, or to show little sketches and doodles of nostalgia.

So I’m going to start a new blog, to run along side everything else including this one which will let me engage a little more with the fine people of the Interweb and hopefully steer them over to my professional work in the process. I’m hoping to get other like minded artists involved as well with the idea of making it a collective of thoughts and ideas and not just solely my own.

Hoping to have a lot of fun with this. Has anyone else done the same? I know there are quite a few of these bouncing around, does anyone have any tips on making them work and getting others involved? leave a comment or two down below.

Thanks for reading



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