Then & Now – Painting Comparison

Hi again,

We’re all learning, and hopefully that leads to us all improving as artists. As a little challenge to myself I decided to repaint one of my earliest digital paintings, in order to take stock of where I am, to where I started – Kind of like an artist MOT. I chose the very first piece I uploaded to the internet in MAY 2012 which I believe was a test back then as well which seemed fitting.

You can see below the comparison between the two, taking the same time to do and using roughly the same tools. It’s a great thing to do & I recommend it to anyone like myself who are unsure if they are improving. You should see a steady improvement with each new piece of work you produce but it was interesting to see the contrast in images.




Brush Well – Sequential & Illustration Inspiration Blog – Coming Soon


Hi, I’ll be starting a new site soon; sharing Comic book & Digital art inspiration along with tips and resources I come across as I learn myself and crack into the industry. I’m hoping it will become a helpful resource for others starting out, or for people just interested in discovering new work and exciting new projects.

I hope everyone finds it a good read, I’ll keep you posted when to head over to for the launch.

In the meantime, happy drawing!

All New Captain Britain Cover

Captain Britain Cover by Ben Wilsonham

Messing about with the idea of an All New Captain Britain Series.

What character would you like to have his or her own series? May be you have an idea for an all new character to comics! Put it down on paper and share stories… you never know!


Hi guys and girls,

Been working on a lot of comic book portfolio work of late which I will put up soon. Had a great response so far for a piece I did over on of Edgar from Final Fantasy 6, so I may have a go and see if I can make a wallpaper version for anyone interested in the next few days. Keep you posted!



Coming Soon…

Since I overhauled my whole online presence to match and replicate each other – Twitter, tumblr, Portfolio Site etc (all of which you can go to by following the menu at the top there) I realise it’s become quite formal. I haven’t anywhere to dump silly ideas and notions, or to show little sketches and doodles of nostalgia.

So I’m going to start a new blog, to run along side everything else including this one which will let me engage a little more with the fine people of the Interweb and hopefully steer them over to my professional work in the process. I’m hoping to get other like minded artists involved as well with the idea of making it a collective of thoughts and ideas and not just solely my own.

Hoping to have a lot of fun with this. Has anyone else done the same? I know there are quite a few of these bouncing around, does anyone have any tips on making them work and getting others involved? leave a comment or two down below.

Thanks for reading


Toothpick Illustration Exhibiton – 4th to 8th September 2012

Pushing me to get back into my illustration work and practice again is the Toothpick illustration exhibition on the 4th September 2012 arrange by the awesome