Get Grimey – Great Free Photoshop Texture Brushes

Photoshop Brush sets


First time posting any resource files but I couldn’t not share these great brush packs I found today. Please note I do not own nor have I created any of the following brushes.


1. Free Subtle Brush Set

Great Brush pack for creating rough paper textures. Gives a fantastic pulp or sandpaper like feel.

2. Grimey Brushes

More of a stamp then the first set but perfect for masking off wear and tear.

3. Spray Splatter Brushes

Working with digital inks can produce sterile lineart at times, use these LARGE brushes to overlay some more traditional elements to your work.

Hope these are helpful, stay tuned for more freebies as I find them.


The Second Moon Project


From my previous post ‘Two Moons’. I have tweaked the name and logo a little of my new project. Hopefully I can write up soon what the project is and where I would like it to go. Follow me on Instagram for shots and WIPs as I work on the project.

Ben Affleck Batman Concept


Batfleck!!! Costume Concept – Great way to finish my run of fan-art illustrations, had mucho fun with this one!

Two Moons

For 2014 I want to concentrate on creating my own stories and narrative illustrations, here is a peek of an idea I’m running through



Hi guys and girls,

Been working on a lot of comic book portfolio work of late which I will put up soon. Had a great response so far for a piece I did over on of Edgar from Final Fantasy 6, so I may have a go and see if I can make a wallpaper version for anyone interested in the next few days. Keep you posted!



Batman Cowl Design

Batman cowl design

Haven’t posted in awhile so here is a Batman sketch I did for something later. More to come.