All New Captain Britain Cover

Captain Britain Cover by Ben Wilsonham

Messing about with the idea of an All New Captain Britain Series.

What character would you like to have his or her own series? May be you have an idea for an all new character to comics! Put it down on paper and share stories… you never know!


Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel Issue #2 Cover

Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel Issue 2 Cover
This is the cover for the second issue of ‘The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel’ Edited by Owen Watts.

I meet Owen at the awesome ThoughtbubbleUK convention in Leeds and was excited when he later came to me for the anthologies second issue cover.

You can view more of the Journal, with updates on future issues and where to buy the existing Journals here:

All done in Photoshop CS3, took some creative license with the spacesuit pulled from several cold war astronaut references. Tried to make the Wormhole look slightly like an iris of an eye, hopefully people will pick that up.