Silver Surfer


The Marvel Herald himself riding giants – Digital Painting.

To see more digital painting from myself visit my portfolio HERE


All New Captain Britain Cover

Captain Britain Cover by Ben Wilsonham

Messing about with the idea of an All New Captain Britain Series.

What character would you like to have his or her own series? May be you have an idea for an all new character to comics! Put it down on paper and share stories… you never know!

Hellboy “20 Years of Hellboy” Art Contest Piece

Hellboy piece for the “20 Years of Hellboy” Art Contest over at

Book of Life Pin-Up


Pin-up piece done for the ‘Book of Life’. The hardback collection of Afterlife Inc. Volumes 1-3

Afterlife Inc. Created by Jon Lock, another of the oh so friendly creators I met at ThoughtBubbleUK last year!

Alison Brie – Wonder Woman

Alison Brie Wonder Woman Be Wilsonham

The fantastic Alison Brie as my version of Wonder Woman, used the Cliff Chiang costume design for inspiration and used Alison’s Esquire Shoot for reference. Created for my Photo-shoot inspired series of female comic book characters.

Amber Heard – Black Canary

Amber Heard Black Canary

The lovely Amber Heard as Black Canary for my Photo-shoot inspired series of female comic book characters.

The Evolution of Abe Sapien


This is my entry to’s ‘Evolution of Abe Sapien’ Contest in association with Dark Horse Comics.

I think they may be publishing multitple entries so good luck to everyone that entered!