Then & Now – Painting Comparison

Hi again,

We’re all learning, and hopefully that leads to us all improving as artists. As a little challenge to myself I decided to repaint one of my earliest digital paintings, in order to take stock of where I am, to where I started – Kind of like an artist MOT. I chose the very first piece I uploaded to the internet in MAY 2012 which I believe was a test back then as well which seemed fitting.

You can see below the comparison between the two, taking the same time to do and using roughly the same tools. It’s a great thing to do & I recommend it to anyone like myself who are unsure if they are improving. You should see a steady improvement with each new piece of work you produce but it was interesting to see the contrast in images.




Alison Brie – Wonder Woman

Alison Brie Wonder Woman Be Wilsonham

The fantastic Alison Brie as my version of Wonder Woman, used the Cliff Chiang costume design for inspiration and used Alison’s Esquire Shoot for reference. Created for my Photo-shoot inspired series of female comic book characters.

Amber Heard – Black Canary

Amber Heard Black Canary

The lovely Amber Heard as Black Canary for my Photo-shoot inspired series of female comic book characters.

Olivia Munn – Psylocke

Olivia Munn Psylocke

Hello again!

Having lots of fun making these!

I chose Olivia Munn (Actress – Newsroom) as Psylocke – She looks like she can kick arse, has comic timing and is sexy as hell 🙂

For reference I used Kristafer Anka’s Costume design and a series of shots of Olivia although I feel I haven’t got her likeness completely.

Kate Upton – Power Girl

Kate Upton Power Girl Ben Wilsonham

Another entry in my Heroine series Kate upton as Power Girl from DC Comics

(Big crush on Kate!)

Lady Trouble – Painting practice

Happy New Year Everyone! let’s hope 2013 is an incredible year.

I have trouble painting females, for some reason my pieces start off very pretty then slowly turn a bit on the masculine side. So I set myself a task to create a few portrait pieces of real life women in order to learn and pick up some tips on creating female characters.

Here are two of the pieces I have created, don’t forget to check out my Deviantart page page for updated artwork and fresh new art.

First up is the gorgeous Linda Le, this was more speedy and I didn’t quite get the likeness right so I may come back to this one when I get a bit better:


This next piece I was quite happy with, if I would change anything it would probably be the background but that’s me just being picky I think:


This is of the awesome Charlotte Herbert (massive crush).

Thanks for taking a look and if you have any tips on painting women or on these pieces just leave me a comment down below.